you painted black where my naked heart is.

hi i'm gina, i want to live by the seaside. i'm an art student. i'm almost always tired and i blame that on the fact i've dreamt every single night of my life. my boyfriend is amazing and i love marilyn monroe and cassie ainsworth.
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Blue eyes, you’re the reason.

Hey darlings, sorry there hasn’t been any updates in a while, been busy with college work & interviews & stuff. Hope you’re all fine and dandy.

Just thought I’d quickly share some links with you all that I found today;

Any fellow Disney UP fans, direct your attention and jealousy to this adorable couple’s engagement pictures. Click! I am totally jealous and if you follow the links at the entry you can see even more adorable pictures!

Also any wonderers and travellers cast your eyes onto this website of Weird and Wonderful Hotels's featured hotels section. If this doesnt inspire you to save up and get packing, I don't know what will. The world is a beautiful place anyway but these hotels make reality get lost. (My favorite being the Treebones Resort.)

That’s all from me anyway, Take care xoxox